Aaron Myers

Storefront Administrator & Graphic Designer

Aspirations and Goals as a Human Being:

To love, laugh and enjoy every bit of life with the people around me, because we don’t get a second chance at this thing.


Experience, Education and Credentials:

Design Communications – South Plains College


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

My favorite place to be is at home spending time with my family.


Favorite quote:

“Keep lookin’ up, ’cause that’s where it all is!” -Kidd Kraddick


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us:

I’ve died. My heart stopped beating for a while when I was born, so I can truthfully say I have experienced death. I just don’t remember it.


Tell us three things most people don’t know about you:

  • Aaron is actually my middle name. My first name is Christopher.
  • I’ve never had the chicken pox.
  • If you’ve never met me in person, I’m probably one of the smallest human beings you will ever encounter, literally.


Three words to best describe you:

  • Simple
  • Determined
  • Optimistic


Anything else you want to share:

I’m proud to be from Texas. Southern boy, through and through. I like to slip on the ole boots and get my hands dirty any chance I get… with a cold beer in my hand, of course, because I’m a man.


What do you like most about Slate Group?

The way everyone works together. Nothing makes a day thrive more than everyone lending a hand, and at Slate Group, that’s what we’re all about and why we continue to succeed.


What do you like most about your role at Slate Group?

Everyday is a little bit different. I get to witness creativity unravel all around me through visual designs. Working next to our talented team of designers is constant inspiration. I also setup and administer storefronts on the web, which kind of makes me feel smart.