About Us

Unlike our competitors, we’ve got more than simply “measures” in place to catch problems. What we have is even better: a culture where putting the job in the best position to be produced efficiently is our shared goal in the first place.

It starts with communication: saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and always having complete transparency within our team and the customers we serve. We don’t just fix problems, stack the prettiest papers on top of the box, and move on to the next job. We stop to educate and empower anyone in a position to make it better the next time around. It might be the sales rep. Maybe it’s even the customer.

At Slate Group, each department’s focus is to make the next department’s job easier. And to enable excellent results for every client every time.

We mind the details.

You’ll never hear us say, “Looks good enough. Print it.” We’re incredibly confident in the pressmen and equipment we invest in, but that doesn’t mean we ever have a “good-to-go” mindset. With specialists in every role of every service we offer, we get granular in a big way. Our preflight operation identifies and corrects would-be file issues like bleed, low res images, and fold patterns. Our mailing supervisor ensures that the right permit is being used and whether we’ve left enough space for ink jetting address. And the list goes on. We could tell you about the nitty-gritty, but we’d rather just have you experience the nitty-gritty for yourself.

We value relationships.

We’re in this together. No, really. Our creative, client-focused approach to printing means that we don’t just “print your stuff.” We believe in educating you, understanding you, and truly collaborating with you. Many of our clients come to us with no previous experience in printing. That’s okay. Always with transparency, we’ll guide you through the printing process—including identifying the printed pieces that are perfect for you in the first place. We sell to our clients in a way that feels sincere because it is sincere. In fact, our reps only work in industries they have a knowledge and interest in. When we work with you, we’re in it for the long term. And new friends. (We hope you are, too.)

We savor results.

When we do the rest right (and we do), beautiful—and compelling—results go off without a hitch. To us, real results mean that you’ve gotten nothing short of what you want. And that what you want has made an impact. Our job is to give you a memorable image in an increasingly visually-competitive world. When marketing messages infiltrate every medium—and most wind up in a digital or physical trash can—we’ll create printed materials your audience will actually want to keep. Together with you, our goal is to produce only what will truly convince and convert whoever you’re trying to reach. Or at the very least, dazzle them.

Our Vision Statement

Create a customer-focused environment by being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, take pride in everything they do, and collectively aspire to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that together deliver premium value.

Our Core Values

  • Create a Remarkable Customer Experience through Service
  • Evolve and Innovate to become Better Each Day
  • Develop a Positive Team & Family Spirit
  • Be Accountable for Delivering on Commitments
  • Be Proactive
  • Build Relationships with Communication and Integrity
  • Exhibit Effort and a Strong Will to Win
  • Display Urgency and a Willingness to Adapt
  • Inspire Greatness in Others
  • Have Fun