Social Mail

Slate Group Social Mail enhances your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to effectively track the results while integrating the online advertising platforms of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It can strengthen your brand by ensuring the same message is seen multiple times on multiple platforms by your target audience.

Social Mail is an omnichannel service that provides the following insights:

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Using SocialMatch, we deliver the same message from your mailing list to your target audience’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It analyzes your mailing list and matches with accounts on Facebook and Instagram, so they begin to see advertisements before, during, and after the direct mail even hits their mailbox.

SocialMatch is a 14-day program that begins on your mailing date.

An example of a mailed postcard with a matching Facebook ad.

Informed Delivery

This is a USPS feature that allows you to receive a digital preview of your scheduled mail. The digital preview is a grayscale image, but with Social Mail, a full-color advertisement will be placed next to the grayscale picture. The advertisement will link to your webpage and allow them to begin to have another point of contact with the information your direct mail campaign is providing.

When the prospect clicks on the advertisement and is directed to your website, they will receive a “cookie” activating your online and social media follow-up features.

  • More than 51 million people are signed up with Informed Delivery
  • Over 65% of people open their Informed Delivery alerts daily
  • Informed Delivery average click through rates range from 4-11%
  • 57% recall seeing previews of campaign mail
  • 44% say this made them more likely to read the mail.

Screenshot of an Informed Delivery email with color advertisement.

Online and Social Media Follow-Up

This feature pairs your direct mail campaign with Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network. We’ll help you add a unique tracking code which will activate online advertisements that follow your audience as they navigate Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network.

Anybody who comes to your website while the Social Mail campaign is active will receive a cookie. It is not limited to your mailing list. These follow-up features create multiple points of contact, keeping your brand at the top your audience’s mind.

Social Media Follow Up outlined in red

Social Media Follow Up ad examples in outlined in red.

Mail Tracking

With Mail Tracking, you can track mail right down to the individual address to see if they have received it. This feature is fully integrated with Informed Visibility and displayed graphically with Google Maps. You can export lists and reports with city, state, and zip code.

screenshot of mail tracking platform

Mail Tracking platform example screenshot.

Call Tracking

With call tracking, you get a unique local or toll free number for each direct mail campaign, so you’ll know who called because of the campaign. Demographic data will be collected from each phone call, allowing you to know what audience members were most influenced by your direct mail campaign.

You will be able to download reports about the calls and the demographics of the callers. The demographics available for each caller is: name, address, device (home or cell), gender, age, business or residential number. And, just like Mail Tracking, Call Tracking is also graphically displayed on Google Maps.

Call Tracking Screenshot

Mail Tracking platform example screenshot.


LeadMatch will track and record all website visitors, regardless of whether they came from your direct mail campaign or not, along with what actions they took on your website. LeadMatch allows you to expand your original mailing list by adding on the unique visitors that weren’t originally on it.

You can add LeadMatch to Social Mail and purchase available records, mailing list matches, and non-mailing list matches.

LeadMatch dashboard screenshot

LeadMatch platform example screenshot.

Pricing Options

Social Mail Lite

Specifically designed for mailings with 2,000 pieces and/or up to 4 mailings within 30 days. Low volume pricing for fully featured Social Mail, meaning it still includes SocialMatch, Informed Delivery, Social and Online Follow-Up, Mail Tracking, and Call Tracking.

Social Mail Premium

For large volume mailings, ranging from under 5,000 to over 1 million mail pieces. Pricing is based on the number of mail pieces. You can purchase in per job or in bulk and use across several jobs. Premium includes SocialMatch, Informed Delivery, Social and Online Follow-Up, Mail Tracking, and Call Tracking.

Social Mail Extended

Optional extension of Mail Tracking, Call Tracking, Online and Social Media Follow-Up, and Social Match past the initial Social Mail campaign.

If you don’t want to continue the fully-featured Social Mail package, you can purchase Call Tracking, the Google Display Network, and Social Media Follow-Up individually.

For detailed pricing, contact your account executive.