Shane Redman

Production Coordinator

Your Aspirations and Goals as a Human Being:
To enjoy life and be the best husband, father, son, brother, and friend I can possibly be.


Your experience, Education and Credentials:
I went to South Plains College out of high school, but decided to focus on my family and work instead of finishing my Associates in Business Admin. I have worked at Slate Group for 11 years.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Golf, watch NCAA and NFL football, hang out with friends, and binge watch netflix with my wife.


Favorite quote:
“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” – Albert Einstein


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us:
I moved out of my mom’s house a month before I graduated high school and lived on a small ranch in Shallowater. My rent was taking care of 6 horses, 5 dogs, 9 cats, 2 goats, and a ferret.


Tell us three things most people don’t know about you:
1.) I was voted best eyes from 7th – 12th Grade
2.) my great great grandfather was full blood chickasaw indian
3.) i really enjoy aged whiskey and craft beer


Three words to best describe you:
Hardworking, Loyal, and Goofy


Anything else you want to share (family, hobbies, whatever)
I have two dogs, a cat, and a 5 year old daughter that is starting kindergarden in the Fall


What do you like most about Slate Group?
The overall employee attitude and the commitment from the ownership to improve work life and keep pace with the always changing commercial printing landscape


What do you like most about your role at Slate Group?
I like that I have a good mix between sales and production. I spent many years in production and the experience I have enables me to quickly make my own decisions and help customers efficiently and effectively.


What drew you to Slate Group originally?
The promise of a stable growing company that has a family-type relationship with their employees


What has been your favorite project at Slate Group?
I have seen a ton of unique and quirky projects come through over the years but one I will never forget is when 75 year old man slowly walked into my office with two binders full of typed pages, hand written pages, and old pictures and asked us to make him a hard back book. He wanted a quantity of 10. It was a ton of work but after it was all over I was holding a leather hard back book that contained his life’s story. He was going to give them to his family members for Christmas. He had worked on the memoir everyday for about 5 years after his wife of 50 something years had died. I skimmed through the book and he and his wife met when they were freshman in high school and they never broke up. He also had only had one job with one company his whole entire life. I think the reason it is my favorite project is because those books will be passed down through his family forever and I helped him create it.