Print Resolution: 200dpi

Our presses print 200 line screen (dots per inch). That means 200 dots of colored ink are on each inch of your printed piece. To ensure your images appear crisp it is important to make sure they are saved with at least this resolution. During the Prepress process, files are checked for resolution. Anything less than 150dpi will have to be sent back, resulting in a delayed turnaround time.

High Resolution Images

If you are creating supporting graphics in Photoshop, make sure you have created it to be the size it will be printed and with a resolution of 200ppi and the size is equal to or greater than the final printed size. Set the color mode to CMYK.
*A high resolution image stretched beyond its original size will also result in a low resolution image.

Low Resolution Images

Usually, low resolution images are downloaded from the internet. Screens only need an image with 72 dots (pixels) per inch to look good.  72 ppi images at 100%, such as those appearing on or copied from websites, are not acceptable. *When purchasing Stock Photos, select a size and resolution equal to or greater than the size needed in your document.

*Photos taken with digital cameras may be 72 ppi, but as long as they are at least 4 times larger than the final printed size they can still be perfectly acceptable when reduced.

Checking Resolution

You can check image size in Photoshop by going to Image > Image Size

Next Step: Folding Documents

IF your document folds, use one of our Folding Templates. Get to know your document folding options.