Sending Your File

You can send us your file by: Email, Web Portal, or FTP. We recommend compressing files before sending. We accept Zip or StuffIt files. Compression protects your data and reduces the size of the files you are sending. If you are sending multiple files, place them in a folder and then compress the entire folder before sending


Best for single or multiple files under 10 MB (total size). Email is ideal for business cards, postcards, flyers and forms.

*We recommend compressing files to protect your data and reduce their size for transfer. Multiple files can be placed in a folder before compression.

Web Upload

Uploading your files to our Web Portal works best for single or multiple files under 10 MB (total size). It is ideal for brochures, presentation folders, posters and small booklets.

*Our Web Portal is the easiest and most reliable method for sending files. 

Web Upload Instructions:

  1. Visit our web upload portal
  2. Enter the username and password – (Ask your Sales Rep).
  3. Select Upload File(s).
  4. Enter your name, email, phone#, and file description.
  5. Browse for your file to upload.
  6. Send compressed files, especially multiple files (Zip or StuffIt).
  7. Keep file names short, use only A-Z, 1-0 and _ or – characters.
  8. Select Begin Upload after you’ve chosen your file.
  9. Keep window open while uploading. Closing the window cancels the upload.
  10. Your Sales Rep will be notified by email when your file arrives.

FTP Upload – 10 MB or greater

Best for single or multiple files over 10 MB or greater. FTP Upload is ideal for sending large magazines, booklets or catalog files.
*This method requires an FTP application capable of handling FTP connections, 

FTP Upload Instructions

  • Connect to
  • Enter the username and password (Ask your Sales Rep)
  • Upload files directly to selected folder. Do not create a new folder
  • Send compressed files (Zip or StuffIt)
  • Keep file names short, use only A-Z, 1-0 and _ or – characters

Mailing or Shipping Files

We also accept files on CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives or flash drives. You are welcome to send your files via USPS, FedEX or UPS. When mailing or shipping files, please notify your sales rep, and if possible supply them with a tracking number.