Installing the PDF Preset through Photoshop

Source File:

  1. Download the Photoshop PDF Preset Folder to your Desktop
  2. Unzip the file and open Photoshop
  3. Go to Edit > Adobe PDF Presets 
  4. In the PDF Presets window click “Load
  5. Select the “SG High Res.joboptions” file on your desktop
  6. Once it has loaded click “Done
  7. You can delete the source files from your Desktop

Saving with the SG High Res Adobe PDF Preset through Photoshop

*Best Practice for sending a Photoshop PDF is to flatten the file first. This will keep the MB smaller.*

  1. Go to File > Save As
  2. Type in your desired file name
  3. Select “Adobe PDF” from the Format dropdown menu press Save
  4. In the “Save Adobe PDF” dialog box Select “SG High Res” from the Adobe PDF Preset dropdown menu
  5. Select Save PDF in the bottom right corner