Page Count

The total number of pages in any stitched booklet must be divisible by 4, Coil or Loose Leaf booklet page counts need to be divisible by 2. This is due to what we call a signature. A signature is a group of designed pages that are printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. The paper is then folded and cut to fit the finished size.

Booklet Pages: Multiples of Four

An 8.5 x 11 booklet is actually several 11 x 17 sheets folded in half and stapled together. Each 11 x 17 page represents 4 pages total. Two sheets equal 8 pages, three sheets equal 12 pages, etc. 

Coil Bound Books – Multiple of 2

Pages for Coil bound or loose leaf books are printed front and back on single sheets, trimmed, and then the coil or other binding is added. Page count for these only need to be divisible by two.

Cover Pages

Often, the cover of the book is printed on a thicker stock than the inside pages of the booklet. There is no need to create a separate file for your cover. Just make sure your Account Exec knows what you would like the cover to be printed on.

*Keep in mind that simply having a cover adds four pages to the count, the first two pages and the last two pages:

  1. Outside Front Cover
  2. Inside Front Cover
  3. Inside Back Cover
  4. Outside Back Cover

Include Blank Pages

Place blank pages in your document as needed so the total number of pages in your file equals the total number of pages in the finished, printed booklet. This applies to both stitched and loose-leaf booklets.

*If you have a loose-leaf booklet that is printed only on the front of each sheet you can avoid setting up blank pages for each backsides, just let you Account Executive know.

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