File Setup Guides

As a free service, our design department performs a comprehensive pre-flight review on each file submitted to us. We check for proper page size and bleed areas, font issues, image resolution and color modes, folding issues, multi-page layout issues and much more. While we check each file for errors, if any errors are missed in the pre-flight review and not caught on the proof, Slate Group assumes no responsibility. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you use these guidelines to verify that your files are properly set up for print production before submitting them.

If this is the first time you’ve sent files to us, if you are new to graphic design for printing, or if you would like more application specific information, please review our file setup guide in its entirety or check out the items you’re most concerned with from the table of contents below.

Print Ready Checklist

For those that understand the basics of setting up files for high quality print production, the checklist below will ensure your graphic files meet our minimum prepress file standards.

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    1. Basic Requirements

    Document and Bleed Setup

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    2. Layout Considerations

    Margins, Borders, Crop Marks

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    3. Fonts, Files, Links

    Preventing missing assets

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    4. Color Modes + Image Settings

    Providing quality artwork for print

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    5. PMS + Spot Colors

    Avoiding color related issues

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    6. Booklet Design Basics

    Pages, Spreads + Folds

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    Before You Send

    Final Checklist

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    Print Ready Checklist

    A quick guide for those already familiar with print design


We have a complete library of thoroughly tested printing templates available for all products listed online.

If you have created a custom-built template or are using one from another printer,

please submit a copy of the template to your sales representative prior to finalizing or submitting any artwork. 

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