University of Texas – El Paso Recruitment Mailer


University of Texas-El Paso



El Paso, Texas



20” x 28” Senior Poster folded to 10” x 5.5” Mailer

80 lb. Flo Matte Text

Full-color plus 2 Spot Color

(PMS 151 Orange, PMS 282 Blue)

Strike-thru Varnish



University of Texas – El Paso

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  1. I recently received the recruitment mailer from the University of Texas – El Paso, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with their thoughtful and comprehensive approach. The content of the mailer effectively showcases the unique aspects of UTEP that make it a standout institution for prospective students.

    The mailer provides a clear and concise overview of the academic programs, extracurricular activities, and campus facilities, giving a well-rounded picture of what UTEP offers. The vibrant and engaging design captures attention and reflects the dynamic and diverse community the university fosters.

    I found the emphasis on student success stories and testimonials particularly appealing. It’s inspiring to see real-life examples of individuals who have thrived academically and personally at UTEP. This approach adds a human touch to the recruitment process and helps potential students envision themselves as part of the UTEP community.

    Furthermore, including information about support services, scholarships, and career development resources demonstrates UTEP’s commitment to ensuring the success of its students beyond the classroom. The university is dedicated to providing a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.

    This recruitment mailer reflects the University of Texas-El Paso’s dedication to transparency, inclusivity, and student success. It has certainly piqued my interest, and I believe it will be an invaluable resource for prospective students looking to make informed decisions about their higher education journey. Well done, UTEP!

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