Slate Group Paper Book

Our 2017 Slate Group Paper Sample Book was designed as a swatch book of our standard stock options. Ink lays differently according to what type of paper it is printed on, we tried to make sure to use a variation of colors and designs, while still using the same color palette throughout the book. This way, if your logo is blue, and you want to see the difference between how blue looks from one stock to another, you will be able to tell from this swatch book.

*The layout of this book was actually inspired by the Mondo Salary Guide we printed a few months ago.



  • 170# Neenah, Raw, Kraft
  • 6″x9″ Trifold, with a .75″ spine
  • Ink Coverage: black/black

We chose a Kraft paper stock with simple black ink, rather than creating something full color, so it would not compete with the paper stock choices. This way the different shades of white and the texture/color on each page are the focus, rather than the cover pages surrounding it. Our 2016 Christmas Card used a stock from the same family, just a slightly different shade (Concrete.)


Inside Pages:
The book is divided into four categories: Text, Cover, Board, and Specialty. The inside pages are divided by paper type and stair stepped with the title at the bottom. Each page is a different paper stock.


Coil Binding: Silver
Another extra detail we added was using silver coil binding instead of black or white. We felt like the silver complimented the raw/natural feel of the Kraft Paper cover.

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  1. Ryan

    Hello. Where, or how, can I get a copy of this awesome paper book?

    • Hello Ryan. Are you in the Lubbock area?

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