Slate Group 2019 Calendar

Slate Group 2019 Calendar CUSTOMER Slate Group   LOCATION Lubbock, Texas   PRINT SPECIFICATIONS 8.5" x 15" backing with 8.5" x 11" pages Cover: 120# Flo Gloss with soft touch and spot UV January: 100# Flo Dull Cover with holographic foil stamping and spot varnish February: 100# Techweave with embossing March: 100# Flo Digital Dull…

Slate Group 2018 Christmas Gift

Slate Group Marketing     CUSTOMER Slate Group PRINT SPECIFICATIONS Christmas Card:  8.75″ x 8.75″, 120# and 100# Flo Gloss Cover, Custom Die Cut, Spot Raised UV, Foil Stamping Box: 1/8 B Flute Cardboard, Kongsberg Cut Custom Envelopes Nerd Out Book Custom Printed Dominoes   CONCEPT + DESIGN Slate Group