Print Inspired Marketing Campaign

Category 400: Integrated Marketing


Slate Group hosted a conference to educate people on the possibilities of print marketing. We brought in experts in the fields of marketing, graphic design, and print and invited people to learn about print marketing trends from them. We divided the presentations into two days, hosting them in the afternoon. Afterward, people were invited to tour Slate Group and apply what they had learned in the presentations to hands-on samples and printing.

To promote the event, we had a printed self-mailer invitation and an information packet we mailed out primarily to customers and prospects within a 3-hour driving radius but also sent some to a select few outside of that zone. The printed pieces utilized a variety of specialty inks and coatings, including a Pantone metallic gold ink, reticulated varnish, gloss varnish, soft touch, and dull strike through varnish, along with custom die lines, saddle-stitching, and hand converting.

The information packet also utilized variable data, even though it was printed offset. An account executive is in the storyline, and we wanted the customers to receive a story with their actual Slate Group account executive in it, to make it more personal to the recipient. Since we were running the print on the offset press to show off its new capabilities, we incorporated plate changes to do the variable data. Anything referring to the AE was 100% cyan so that only one plate had to be changed. We also grouped the AEs according to how many people they were inviting and were able to put three AEs on each plate, which also minimized the amount of times we needed to change plates.

For the mailed collateral, we used our integrated mail platform called Social Mail. Social mail integrates mail tracking, social media advertising, Google advertising, call tracking, and Informed Delivery into one service. Social mail matches the mailing list to social media and begins showing recipient Facebook and Instagram advertising before the mail arrives, along with tracking any visitors to the webpage and continuing to show them Google and social media ads after they leave the webpage.

Besides print collateral and Social Mail, we also utilized an Mailchimp, Eventbrite, social media posts and ads, and a webpage in order to reach more people that may not have received the mailed collateral. We incorporated a mystery story theme to encourage interaction with the event before it happened. This theme was introduced from the first introductory email and continued throughout the event. The information packet contained the story with clues and suspect cards. As information was mailed, the website was updated so that the information was consistent, no matter the platform it was being viewed on.

During the event, there were parking and directional signage to ensure people knew where to go. Clues were also placed in key areas around Slate Group, so that people would be directed to go to specific areas in the print production area, such as the digital printing area or finishing area. We also printed name badges in our wide format department for the attendees to wear. We gave them bags so they could collect samples to take back with them, a foil stamped workbook to take notes in, and an event t-shirt. We also had someone taking video and photos during the event, which we compiled to into a short video afterwards for a social media post.

We used Eventbrite to track RSVPs. We had approximately 70 people RSVP on the first afternoon, and 100 the second afternoon. The actual attendee numbers for the presentations were representative of the RSVPs, if not more.
We utilized Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to make social media posts. Our initial post providing information about the event reached 1.2K people on Facebook, and about 300 people on both Instagram and LinkedIn. The emails had an open rate of between 25.8% and 53.2%. The first email generated 272 clicks to the webpage, with more webpage views each follow-up email.

Below are links and other media to demonstrate the integrated marketing.

Webpage Links


We sent out a total of 13 emails leading up to the event. Here are three examples:

Social Media

We posted consistently on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn leading up to, during, and after Print Inspired 2019. Here are a few selections from each platform, though most of them were posted on all platforms in different variations appropriate to the platform.




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