This is all about creating print marketing to motivate your audience.

(With a little bit of a print mystery thrown in...)

Discover how to use print in the most effective way possible through discussions about paper types, embellishments, and marketing strategies. Experience a print shop first-hand by walking through Slate Group with your account executive. Feel the differences in paper choices, soft touch and reticulated varnish, and fold and unfold print samples.

Come away inspired with new ideas to incorporate in your next print marketing project, one that your audience will want to keep.

August 22-23, 2019

Inspiration Topics

Communicating with Heart

Presented by: Southwest Airlines Creative Studio

How does company culture affect your brand strategy? How do you keep culture alive in a corporate atmosphere? Learn what it’s like to be a member of the Southwest Airlines in-house creative team, exploring communication and marketing strategies while upholding the brand and reputational image. Walk through project development from the brief, through the creative process, and to the final printed product.

10 Big Ideas

Presented by: Trish Witkowski

Are your clients feeling uninspired and questioning the future of print? Get them out of their funk with 10 compelling ideas that will help them add some serious wow-factor to their print communications! Trish Witkowski will be here in-person for a bold and visual presentation that showcases the best of digital and conventional print in 10 fun categories, like adding texture, creating dimension, going wild with ink, using great paper, integrating technology, using creative formats and more. You’ll see some amazing things, and then Slate Group will show you how we can turn these big ideas into reality for you!

Paper Skills Workshop

Presented by: Olmsted-Kirk Paper

There is an art to specifying paper for print. It's about knowing the impression you're trying to make and the steps you need to take to bring your creative vision to press. What are you trying to say? Paper can help you say it. Olmsted-Kirk will teach you that the right materials can take your work from good to great.

Expert Panel

Trent Duran

Creative Lead
Southwest Airlines
Trent Duran

Trent has worked for Southwest Airlines for more than 12 years. After graduating from Texas Tech University in 2006, he started as a Graphic Designer, working his way up through Sr. Graphic Designer, and into his current position of Creative Lead. He is responsible for project management, creative direction, and strategic thinking for both graphic design and photography/videography branches of the in-house creative team. He has provided creative direction on many communication and marketing printed pieces, including the Annual LUV Classic Golf Tournament, Company awards banquets, Print advertising, and plane decals. He ensures that all products stay true to the Southwest Airlines brand, company culture, and reputation as one of the best places to work.

Trish Witkowski

President, Chief Folding Fanatic
Fold Factory
Trish Witkowski

Trish specializes in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail and marketing. She frequently travels and speaks to print organizations and their clients to illustrate the power of print. She is also the curator of the world’s most exciting collection of folded print and direct mail samples, sharing the best of her collection on her popular e-video series “60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week” – a series that has reached almost 500 episodes (or almost 10 years of videos). Trish is the creator of the award-winning FOLDRite™ folding template system. Trish is an instructor for LinkedIn Learning, and she has authored many resources, including Direct Mail Simplified, and Paper Folding Templates for Print Design.

Judy Schulz

Brand Ambassador
Olmsted-Kirk Paper
Judy Schulz

Judy is a paper enthusiast and her excitement is contagious. She is a veteran of the industry for over twenty-five plus years and has given counsel on paper choices with brands from Starbucks to Coca-Cola and Fossil. An award-winning print designer, she was named an AIGA FELLOW by the Professional Association of Design in 2015 and was nominated for Creative Print Champion this year by Printing Industries of America – MidAmerica. Judy leads marketing, specifications, and educates creatives and printers about paper for Olmsted-Kirk.

Alex Yocum-Beeman

Manager of Graphic Design
Texas Rangers
Alex Yocum-Beeman with Captian

Alex has been responsible for setting the creative direction for the Texas Rangers brand for approximately 5 years. Besides overseeing the day-to-day operations of the creative services team, she also leads brand strategy meetings to inspire creative direction for various sales and marketing needs. She has developed cross-channel campaigns, designing materials to go across social media, print, television, web, digital media, and more. Before coming to work for the Texas Rangers, she was a graphic designer for the Frisco Rough Riders and a creative for Springboard Creative in Kansas.

But, don't stop at inspiration. Apply it right away.

Put all the inspiration and knowledge together by...

Experiencing this all in a printing facility.

This means not only do you get to talk about it, but you get to walk about it. Literally. Walk through Slate Group with your account executive and see how it is all possible.

  • Learn how our recent investments have opened up even more print possibilities to you.
  • See and hold real-life samples of how others have held true to their company culture through print.
  • Discover embellishments, paper, ink, and other “10 Big Ideas” in our print shop.
  • Share ideas and talk inspiration.

The Outrageous Untold Mystery of Slate Group


In order to provide you with a better learning experience, we are hosting the following presentations at the Texas Tech Club on the west side of the Jones AT&T Stadium:


Thursday, starting at 2:30 p.m.

  • “Paper Skills Workshop” with O-K Paper


Friday, starting at 1:30 p.m.

  • “Communicating with Heart” with Southwest Airlines
  • “10 Big Ideas” with Trish Witkowski
  • Expert Panel Q&A


Immediately following the conclusion of these presentations and a short drive down Marsha Sharp Freeway, the Slate Group Open House will begin on location at Slate Group.




Texas Tech Club 

West Side of Jones AT&T Stadium

 2526 Mac Davis Ln

Lubbock, TX 79407

Slate Group

6024 45th St.

Lubbock, TX 79407



Print Inspired Thursday Schedule
Print Inspired Friday Schedule

Food and drinks provided on both days.


Choose the times that work best for you. If you can’t make it both days, choose the day and time that work best for you. Each day is full of opportunities for you to gain print marketing inspiration.

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