Length 5″ 11.5″
Height 3.5″ 6.125″
Thickness .007″ (80# Cover) .016″

Reduced First Class Postcard Rates Measurements

Special first class rates are available for “Small” postcards. You may find that you can send a postcard within these dimensions as First Class cheaper than Standard mail.

Length 5″ 6″
Height 3.5″ 4.25″
Thickness .007″ (80# Cover) .016″

Delivery Address & Indicia

Leave a 4″x2″ Clear Space from the bottom right corner in your artwork to allow us room to imprint the delivery address and barcode. You will also need to leave room for the Indicia.

Return Address

It is recommended to use a return address on postcards but not required for Standard or First Class mail. Non Profit mail does require a return address. Keep your return address above the bottom 2 3/4″ to avoid it being scanned as a delivery address.


Avoid additional charges by making sure your Postcards are a rectangular shape and have no rounded corners larger than 1/8″.

*anything square, rigid, or unusually shaped may jam the mailing equipment and  requires a non-machinable charge.