Every Door Direct Mail

  • Send as many mailpieces a day per zipcode as you want
  • Must weigh 3.3 ounces or less
  • Must be Standard Mail Flat Size
  • Can be flat, folded or stitched as long as final size does not exceed required size


Must be more than 10.5” in Length OR 6.125” in Height OR .25” Thick. Cannot be more than 15” in Length OR 12” in Height OR .75” Thick.

Postage Rate

The current Every Door Direct Mail price per piece for Flats up to 3.3 oz is $0.164 local and $0.225 everywhere else.

How It Works

Use the online mapping tool to decide what area you would like to receive your mail piece.

No List Required

Since EDDM mail pieces are delivered to entire routes, there is no need for individual addresses. You do not need to provide or purchase a list of addresses.

Indicia and Mailing Panel