When you first think of the term “Wizard Academy”, what do you think of?
Though it’s not a place from Harry Potter… it sure is magical.

Ian and Lorenzo sit down with the Chancellor of Wizard Academy, Daniel Whittington, and talk business and philosophy all over a bottle of wine. Learn more about the business school, left and right-brain individuals, and managing creativity in the last episode of “Binding Minds” Season 1.
Dive into the inter psyche of Jenny Petty, Vice President of Marketing Communications at the University of Montana, on the latest episode of “Binding Minds”. Jenny, Ian, and Lorenzo chat about what is a servant leader and why is it important.
Seasoned storyteller and visual artist Alex Yocum-Beeman joins Ian and Lorenzo on the next installment of Binding Minds. You don’t wanna miss her advice on how to find your dream career and true passion!
Graphic Designer and Creative Advisor at Southwest Airlines Trent Duran joins the latest episode of “Binding Minds”. If you ever wanted to learn more about career pathing, how to evaluate opportunities, and maintain workplace enthusiasm: this one is for you!
Ian and Lorenzo sit down on this special episode of “Binding Minds” with Dr. Daniel Villanueva, Vice President of Enrollment Management at the University of Houston-Downtown. The trio chat about staying curious, the power of a degree, and what’s next for higher education.
We have an exciting episode today as we welcome Dr. Carrie Phillips, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at University of Arkansas – Little Rock. In this episode, we talk about personal growth, imposter syndrome and how to fight it, and everything else in between.
Welcome back to Binding Minds! Our Senior Graphic Designer, Nikki Davis joins us to chat about all things design & creative.
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