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UNABLE TO FIND A TEMPLATE? Templates are being added here minute-by-minute.  If you are unable to locate a template please click here to go to our prior version Copy Craft website template set containing all of our previous template versions.

We have a complete library of thoroughly tested printing templates available for a wide array of products. All templates are available in six different file types. We strongly recommend using one of our pre-built templates to begin your design. However, if the work is already done, you can use them to double check your design and layout for proper page size, bleed, trim and especially folding issues. Please note: all templates for items that will fold are paper weight specific.

If you have created a custom-built template or are using one from another printer, please submit a copy of the template to your sales representative prior to finalizing or submitting any artwork. Failure to receive approval on custom templates could lead to undesired results, additional charges and/or delays.

Templates by Product

Supported Formats

Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, JPEG, EPS.